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the voiceover entrance exam (free voice over e-book!)

straight talk about beginning a career in voiceover

voiceover entrance exam

Before a microphone is purchased, before a voice over demo is produced, before a web site is uploaded, The Voiceover Entrance Exam (DOWNLOAD HERE) will help you, the prospective voice over talent, take a hard look at what you really need to think about if you want to work full time or even part time as a professional voice talent.


Whether you've been told you have a nice voice and should do commercials or if you've been working in broadcasting but would like to do more commercial and narration work, becoming a voice over talent has become a popular career goal.


Peter K. O'Connell, author of The Voiceover Entrance Exam, understands the passion and shares the enthusiasm that you may feel today for the voiceover industry as a career opportunity. He has been a professional (read: paid) voiceover talent since 1982 as owner audio'connell voice over talent, a worldwide, English language-based voice talent organization. He also runs the Voice Over Workshop, which provides professional voice over training to novice and experienced voice talent world-wide.

But Peter has also witnessed first hand the pitfalls of the voiceover novice who, completely unprepared, jumps headfirst into the industry only to meet with complete indifference from potential customers and truly professional voice talents. Neither group wishes to invest their valuable media projects or time on people with little or no voiceover talent, training or business acumen.

A free e-book, The Voiceover Entrance Exam directly addresses the hard issues that you may not have considered as you dreamed of your meteoric rise imminent success in voice over including topics like:

• Professionally judging your raw voice over talent
• Preparing for rejection
• Doing you performance homework: Listen Practice Train
• Assessing your critical skills as a business owner

There are no punches pulled in this e-book - you may come to the realization that you do not have the voice over talent, the business acumen or ultimately, having thought about it more critically, the desire to be a voice talent after reading The Voiceover Entrance Exam.

You should be OK with that outcome because before your dream spun out of control you will have saved yourself considerable money, time and heartbreak whereas many of your contemporaries are today out in the voiceover marketplace flailing, failing and fooling themselves about their futures in the business.

You could also be one of the talented few who should proceed with your dream. For you The Voiceover Entrance Exam offers tips, tricks and resources to help get you pointed in the right direction to begin your career.

Enjoy the ride!

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