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The Voice Over Entrance Exam

voiceover entrance exam

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The Voice Over Entrance Exam

Is A Must-Read! 

BOB SOUER: "Peter has written an excellent tool that should be must reading for anyone thinking about trying to do professional voiceover work."

DAVE COURVOISIER:  "Peter's work is visually appealing, well-researched, engaging, imminently readable, true, and for some:  hard to swallow.  That's because Peter doesn't mince words when mincing would be unkind and unfair."

LIZ DE NESNERA: "This e-book is WELL worth much more than it's price!

BOBBIN BEAM: "A very clever, no nonsense, quick read and a timely "take" for those entering or contemplating the voiceover field as a career."

KARA EDWARDS: "The link is going on my note I send everyone who asks how to get in the biz!!"

FRANK FREDERICK : "This eBook should be a pre-requisite for most Voice Over Coaches and their prospective students". 

MICHAEL RANKINS: "A brilliantly succinct, pull-no-punches e-book that every — and yes, I do mean every — new or aspiring voiceover talent should devour like a hunk of medium rare prime rib.

KAREN COMMINS: "I will add your fabulous e-book to my list of "how to get started in voiceover" materials. I think most people who call us haven't even taken the most basic step that you listed on page 14 of recording their voice and listening to the play-back. Thanks for developing this great book -- it helps all of us! It also shows why you are such an incredibly successful person in this very competitive business!"

JODI KRANGLE: "You rock, dude. :)  I think you did a fantastic job with it.  I really enjoyed reading it."


DOC PHILLIPS: "You hit the nail on the head! This is the tome the industry has needed for some time now."

STU GRAY: "Read Peter O'Connell's ‘The Voiceover Entrance Exam' to give yourself a no-nonsense look at what being a Voice talent could be!"

KITZIE STERN: "Thank you, now I have something to give people when they ask 'where do I start?'".

CARYN CLARK: "Really really good stuff in your e-book!!!"

CHIP JOEL: "Thank you for providing this e-book for us to bask in your insights.

DAN HURST: "This is a GREAT job!!!"

PAUL STRIKWERDA: "Thanks for putting this excellent guide together!"

LINDA RISTIG: "Well thought out and real!"

DON GOONAN: "Great e-book, Peter."

JAMEE T. PERKINS: "I think you've done a great job at painting a realistic picture of the VO world."

RUSS RENSHAW: "Thanks for a great read!"

JOE SZYMANSKI: "Nice work!"

TERRY DANIEL: "You're a good writer!" 

AMY SNIVELY: "I can't wait to read it!"

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