Political Commercial Voiceover Talent for Radio, Television or Cable Spots

Peter K. O'Connell - the Political Consultants' choice for an awesome political commercial voice talent


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FAST PRODUCTION TURNAROUND and excellent reads during an election are the bottom line to political commercial voiceovers.

With my natural and convincing voice over sound, that's what I have been providing as a political commercial voice talent to political consultants and candidates for over 25+ years.

Political campaign managers producing campaign radio spots or political television commercials must have the exact sound scripted to effectively communicate the candidate's message to the voters and constituents.

I can quickly provide the political voice-over styles required to influence voters' decisions throughout the campaign via political radio ads, political TV ads or even as a political narrator on a campaign video or film.

I can provide persuasive, impactful political commercial voice talent performances including "everyman voices" that can be friendly, influencing or incredulous. As the announcer, I can sound like the voice of reason, a political attack dog or the subtle influencer.

While not aligned with any political party, I voice political commercials solely for candidates who fully support the Pro-Life platform. 

Contact me here or call 716-572-1800 or speak to one of my agents to find out more about how quickly I can voice your next awesome political voiceover.

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