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> peter o'connell podcasting DEMO

> peter o'connell web flash / in-arena DEMO

For experienced podcasters or newbies who want to add additional value to their marketing message but don't have the technical or production savy to make a podcast, audio'connell Voice Over Talent's extensive podcast production experience can help you (or your company) get your message out to the masses via internet radio.

You may hear some of our podcast clients on i-Tunes right now or our internet radio clients on Live 365!

Now you may ask "Why put a voiceover demo for web voiceover and an arena announcer demo on the same page?"

Well, we're not sure either but somebody in the executive suite thought it was a good idea and down here in the web site department, our opinion doesn't count for much.

The truth is more and more web sites utilize voiceover whether it be for audio for flash presentations on web sites or instructional narration on web sites.

The boss has also been serving as an announcer (sometimes even "The Voice of God") at all sorts of business banquets, non-profit activities and charity events. He's even done big stadium and arena announcing as well - live and pre-recorded. (Ask him to tell you about the one announcing job he voiced for a college football game....what a hoot!)

So in summary, if you need a voice for anything web or for any event, we're available (do you think that sounds too desperate? Nah!)

Contact us here or call 716-572-1800 to find out how we can help make your production sound awesome!

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