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Commercial Voiceover Talent for Radio, Television or Cable Spots

Peter K. O'Connell - Commercial Voiceover Talent

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I'VE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES as a commercial producer - stressed out clients, crazy deadlines and impossible demands. Oy!

Yet we've both turned out some amazing commercial work over the years and we'll do it again...this time together!

Long known as a natural born storyteller, my voiceover style is most often described as friendly, neighborly, honest, convincing, funny and sincere. Need dramatic and high energy?  I've got you covered. 

Whether you need a fully produced, broadcast quality spot or simply the dry voice track, I can help with every part of your commercial production process.

Stress. Be. Gone.


Source-Connect, Phone Patch, Teams or Zoom connections are always available from my voiceover studio to serve your production needs.

Contact me here or call 716-572-1800.  


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