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Peter K. O'Connell Explainer Video Narrator

THE voice talent for whiteboard animation and explainer videos


ON MY BUSINESS CARDS, I list Explainer Videos as one of genres for which I provide voiceover services. I'm an Explainer Video narrator. People who aren't involved in media production ask me sometimes "what is an Explainer Video?"

It's a reasonable question that you might have too.


EXPLAINER VIDEO #1:     Deloitte Canada - voiced by Peter K. O'Connell  

So here is a brief EXPLAINation on Explainer Videos (see what I did there?) 

Usually short (like 2-3 minutes - but sometimes longer), an Explainer Video (also known as Explanimations, Whiteboard Animation videos, Doodle Videos and also Video Scribes) is a  fun and informative video presentation that creatively explains or tells the story of a product or service.


EXPLAINER VIDEO #2:     Esker - voiced by Peter K. O'Connell


Because it IS fun and informative and short, an Explainer Video captures and retains the viewers attention, making it a more useful sales tool for companies. Plus, video continues to be a preferred media for people to discover new ideas and concepts. If an audience has only a short time to watch OR a short attention span for a few key pieces of information, Explainer Videos are the way to go!!


EXPLAINER VIDEO #3:     3 Minute Catholic Catechism - voiced by Peter K. O'Connell


Explainer Video producers tell me that the reason I get selected so often to provide voiceovers for their animated videos is because I offer a variety of fun, informative and friendly reads - depending on the script and the client's audio branding needs. 

Like commercials and narrations, Explainer Videos fit my vocal styles. And voice is VITAL to an Explainer Video's educational success.

If you're interested in using me as the voice for your Explainer Video, call +01 716-572-1800. Thanks!

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