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Raleigh Durham Voiceover First Meet-up on June 28th

Inaugural Meeting of RDU Professional Voice Talents Set for Cary, NC

Published Monday, June 12, 2017
Raleigh  Durham Voiceover First Meet-up on June 28th

RALEIGH, NC June 12, 2017 - - While many people are aware of the impressive list of television and radio broadcasters who were born and/or who have worked in the Raleigh-Durham, NC market, many are not aware of how many nationally recognized professional voice talents live and work here presently.

Those talented men and women (and their voices) will get together in the area’s first formalized gathering. The first meeting of Raleigh-Durham Voiceovers (RDUVO) will take place on Wednesday, June 28th at the Bond Park Community Center in Cary, NC. The event is organized through the group’s Meetup.com page and is open to any professional, working voiceover talent living in the Triangle.

The idea for the group came from a new resident to Raleigh, Peter K. O’Connell, who has been a voice talent for 35 years. Formerly from Buffalo, NY, O’Connell had formed a successful meet-up group for voice talents there. He has been friends with many RDU voice talents for years and saw this new meet-up as a great way for local voice talents to socialize and network. “Selfishly, RDUVO is a great way to see my voiceover friends and make new VO friends in my new home.” O’Connell said.

The group will get together at times to be determined at the end of every meeting and it’s possible the meeting locations will rotate. Check the group’s Meetup.com page for the latest meeting information.

About Raleigh-Durham Voiceovers

The purpose of these RDUVO meet-ups is to discuss the successes, challenges, highs and lows of running a professional voiceover business with fellow, established voiceover professionals.

While our job descriptions are similar, everything else about our professional lives is unique including our individual performance techniques, business operations, technical set ups and lots more. And often times, we go at all of this ALONE…with no one else who understands the crazy nature of the voiceover business.

This group should fill that void. With established voice pros gathered together and willing to share their ideas and their challenges within this group, business and technology solutions could be found, performance techniques can be expanded (even learned and practiced) while networks and friendships can be forged.

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