Voice Over Company on Track for Strong 2008 Finish

Solid YTD Revenues and Improvements To Web Boost audio'connell Voice Over Talent

Published Tuesday, September 23, 2008 6:30 pm
Voice Over Company on Track for Strong 2008 Finish

BUFFALO, New York, September 23, 2008 - - Citing a 25% increase in new client growth over 2007, retention and expansion of existing client work in 2008 and web site improvements this year that resulted in increased web-based inquires, audio'connell Voice Over Talent is expected to achieve 20% year-over-year sales growth versus 2007, it was announced today.

Company president and professional male voice over talent Peter K. O'Connell cited three primary factors for audio'connell Voice Over Talent's growth thus far in 2008 - expanded existing engagements with current voice over clients throughout the year, an increased menu of voice over services available to existing and new clients. Finally, improvements to the company's web site infrastructure enhanced the site's search engine optimization and marketing functions.

The company introduced a new service in 2008, International Voice Talents, which features a growing roster of professional, foreign language voice talents, helping fuel audio'connell's year-to-date revenues.

"There has been a bunch of rotten economic news this year that has reached a near-crescendo recently in the U.S. but we have been fortunate that our business plan and services menu is more global in scope so we won't take the potential wallop a lot of other small businesses are bracing for," O'Connell said.

"While not everybody gets it yet, it does seem that the business we deal with understand that in a strong economy marketing and communication are important to business growth and in a bad economy marketing and communication are vital to business growth," O'Connell said.

A professional voice over talent and audio producer for over 25 years, Peter O'Connell is president of audio'connell Voice Over Talent, a worldwide, English language-based voice talent organization. Mr. O'Connell also operates International Voice Talents, a company featuring professional foreign language male and female voice actors.

Both companies provide voice talent for commercials, animation, corporate narrations, documentaries, broadcast voice imaging, audio books, podcasts and messaging on-hold (MOH). Industries served by the two companies include advertising agencies, media and broadcast production companies as well as both large and small businesses around the world.

Mr. O'Connell also owns Voice Over Workshop, which provides professional voice over training to novice and experienced voice talent around the world.

audio'connell Voice Over Talent, International Voice Talents and Voice Over Workshop are all a part of O'Connell Companies.
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