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Male Narrator for Corporate Sales Videos

Peter K. O'Connell - Narrator for Business Sales Presentations


Narration E-Learning Explainer

ONE OF THE NICEST COMPLIMENTS anyone ever paid me was when I was told I was a natural born storyteller.  

When your profession is voiceover, that’s high praise indeed.

The ability to use my voice to take the listener or viewer on a journey is so vitally important to my role as a narrator.  

When I narrate a corporate, educational, non-profit or broadcast media project, my goal is to use the script to help make the audience believe, learn and experience.

It is an awesome responsibility but so worthwhile via so many different types of voiceover narration:

Whether the voiceover persona required is friendly, all knowing (voice of God) or something in between, rest assured I can deliver the read every time.

If you need help with voice casting for a narrative voice talent (male, female or international voices), my company, audio'connell Voiceover Talent, can help there too!

I'd appreciate it if you would contact me here or call 716-572-1800 to help secure me as the narration talent for your industrial or instructional audio project.

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