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Voice Over Workshop

Study with the "Voiceover Consigliere" and author of the Voiceover Entrance Exam

Voiceover talents of every experience level and from around the globe have learned from award-winning voice actor Peter K. O’Connell.

Why? Simple.


Peter is a working voiceover talent...well, OK, a working voiceover talent for almost 40 years.

Brands like IBM, Kraft Foods, PBS and even the Cleveland Browns have used Peter's voice for commercials, narrations and broadcast promos. He’s often the voice talent and producer on media projects but at heart he remains an effortlessly direct-able, friendly voiceover business owner.

Business owner??

Yes, Peter owns a small business...a voiceover business which means he knows even more than how to perform on mic (he’s really good at that)...yet knowing ALL that voiceover business stuff (performing, business, marketing, sales, technology) is how Peter has stayed in business for almost 4 decades.

Oh, one thing he’s not: Peter is not a professional teacher. Rather, with him, you get to share in his extensive professional experiences – all based specifically on what each voiceover learner WANTS to discover (no syllabus here). Each workshop is customized to each student (everything is one on one via Zoom). Learners craft the workshop's agenda - so every topic he or she wants covered is reviewed in each two hour session.

Script Interpretation Character voices  Studio performance
Breathing (it's a VO thing) Commercial voice types Analyzing VO demos
Finding your "money" voice Narration voices types How to market yourself

So if that’s the kind of voiceover learning experience you’re looking for...you know who to call or email

Want to watch some of Peter's quick hit Voiceover Workshop videos? Here you go!


You say you're not a coach but you're really good at coaching/teaching!  Maria Hanssel - Voice Talent

(NOTE FROM PETER: I call myself the voice over consigliere (because it's more memorable than counselor) but that's really what I am...somebody who will consul you on how to help you achieve your voice over goals.)


Ideas. Useful ideas...practical ideas you hadn't thought of, and ideas that will grow your business. THAT's what you get in a session with Peter.  

Dave Courvoisier - Voice Actor


In this age of 'information overload', where tips and advice abound for voice actors, Peter has a unique ability to re-focus you on the essential elements that are at the core of success in this ever changing industry!  

Wade Holloway - Voice Over Talent


A couple of years ago I was preparing to finally leave my corporate job and work exclusively in voiceover. I knew that before I made that shift, I needed to get my ducks in a row so that the brisk business I was doing while I still had my corporate job would not only continue, but increase. I hired Peter O'Connell to help me think through strategies and plans. He helped me focus on the important stuff, and toss out the stuff that was just a distraction in both the way I organized and executed my business plans. I am very grateful for the help Peter provided me.  

Bob Souer - Voice Talent


Finding someone with the knowledge and skills to re-direct your business is valuable enough in itself. Finding someone with those skills who also cares about you as a person is priceless. Thank you, Peter K. O'Connell.  

Rowell Gorman - Voice Actor


I cannot stress enough what a great class this was and I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking to make a giant leap forward in their VO skills. I am looking forward to my next class be it In Studio, via Skype or Phone!  

Dean Jones - Voice Talent 


Peter K. O'Connell's voice over training has helped take my voice over performance and career to the next level and I've been doing radio and VO for many years prior to meeting Peter. He knows all aspects of the voice over business and has become a real mentor for my career. Listen to what the man says!  

Terri Davis - Voice Over Talent   


I've had a session via Skype and he pretty much tailored it to my agenda. Next time we're discussing demos. Peter is easy to get along with and is very knowledgeable.  

Roger Tremaine - Voice Actor

BONUS: Here's a FREE link to Peter's Handy-Dandy Marketing Plan Template

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