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Peter K. O'Connell - Radio Imaging Voice Talent for Catholic Radio Stations

The Voice for Your Catholic Radio Station

Catholic Radio Imaging Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell

CATHOLIC RADIO STATIONS SERVE a unique and vital role in our communities: providing radio programs to help listeners develop a greater understanding of God’s mercy and love for them through the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Yet within the distinctive and valuable programming offered via their important affiliations with the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network, Ave Maria Radio Network or Relevant Radio Network as well as their own local radio programs, Catholic radio broadcasters still face the same challenge as any other radio station: audio branding and radio imaging.

Every radio listener needs and expects to hear consistent on-air radio imaging that makes clear what the station’s name is and what their programming is all about. But audio branding is even more important to Catholic radio broadcasters. 

Besides the usefulness of reinforcing the station brand for listener and community awareness, professional on-air imaging is valuable to the station’s efforts at fundraising time. Local Catholic radio station listeners cannot be loyal, and thereby financially supportive, to a local station they cannot identify with, other than it’s network affiliation.

Successful radio is local - in promotion of area church activities or Catholic related programming events or speakers and, of course, station name and channel position.    

The station’s audio branding must reflect not only it’s Catholicism and reverence, but also it’s community support, participation and approachability.

If the programming on your Catholic radio station is its "brains", then the audio branding of your Catholic radio station between programs and during breaks is your station's "personality". Let my voice be that "personality".

Through my professionally produced station imaging and branding expertise, your station’s community event announcements (PSA’s), station event and speaker promo announcements, programming reminders as well as station ID’s, your station will be not only respected and embraced by your listeners but most importantly, remembered.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your station's audio branding and on-air station imaging. I would be glad to help you.


Source-Connect, Phone Patch, Teams or Zoom connections are always available from my voiceover studio to serve your production needs.

My audio branding and imaging services are independently offered and are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any Catholic broadcast network or religious organization.






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