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Voice-Over for Message On-Hold, Auto-Attendants and IVR

If you're on hold, chances are Peter K. O'Connell may be keeping you company on the phone while you wait

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THE WORLD HAS A LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP with telephone Message On-Hold and Phone Prompts.

A person who dislikes ever being on-hold is probably the same person who has an on-hold or auto attendant voice system at their own business.

It's just how we all work.

I strictly provide the voice and music for telephone recordings. So even if you think being on-hold is an unpleasant experience, at least I make it SOUND BETTER.

To be clear (since I often get asked), I do not own or install the actual machines and software that operate Message On-Hold, Auto-Attendant and IVR systems.

Where some companies get nervous is not knowing how they interact with their telephone system provider to get the phone system recordings written and placed on their phone system. It's not too technical (and no, it's not magic either) but it simply requires good communication between your company and your phone system provider.

First, decide what kind of message system you have so you'll know what types of recordings you'll need to make.

Professional voice-over recordings can be used on most telephone systems in three ways:

On-Hold Messages } Increase your selling opportunities and reduce hang ups by telling waiting callers about monthly or quarterly specials

IVR and Auto-Attendant Prompts } Ease your staffing burdens, improve customer service and simplify the caller's telephone interaction with professional voice prompts

Voice Mail and Answering Messages } Voice mail greetings allow you to leave a professional impression when you're unavailable and ensure you get more messages and fewer hang ups

You need to speak with your phone system provider and ask what kind of system you have at your office and what kind of scripts you (or they) will need to write for me to record (based on the three options above).

There are some technical things (audio file types and sizes etc.) that I can review with your phone system provider but that's a simple email or phone call for me.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard wired phone system or VoIP Phone System as my audio files can be transferred to any system.

If you are a phone system provider and you need a voice talent provider like me to be available to your clients, I do that ALL the time.

I work with companies like 8x8, AT&T, Avaya, Cisco, Grasshopper, Jive, Nextiva, Ooma Office, Phone.com, Phone Power, RingCentral, ShoreTel and Vonage. I also gladly work with local business phone systems providers too. I can work as part of your team or just as an independent contractor...your call.

Now the fun part...

STEP 1: You, the business owner buying the phone system or just simply updating your phone service messaging, give me a script you've written with the information you want to share with your customers

STEP 2: I quote you a price for the project

STEP 3: Upon your approval of my quote, your phone system greetings get produced (sometimes within 24 hours, depending on the scope of the project and my recording schedule).

If you like, I can include licensed music to make your message more impactful too.

And that’s it! Pretty fast and easy...but the final product makes your company sound great!

PLUS you get important service and marketing messages out to your present and future customers.

Hope this all helps.

Contact me here or call 716-572-1800 to find out how I can help improve your customers' phone experience.

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