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tvQuit Paper

tvHyatt's All Things Creative Corporate Sales Video (Full Circle Studios)

tvDaemen College Fundraising Video (Full Circle Studios)


When people talk about "narration" or ask for a "narrator" they can be considering a ton of different productions, for example:

Now let me guess, looking at that list, you probably came up with 2-3 more types of narration projects I didn't list, didn't you? 

Well leave it to your friendly, neighborhood explainer to tell you this narration story.

Whether for television documentary, medical narration, e-learning, trade show videos, a sales and marketing DVD or even corporate story videos, I've been a narrator for all of them - but I'd certainly like to work on your project next.

I've done "voice of God", "Everyman", "Neighborly Guy", "Doctor", "Professor" and a vocal spectrum from deep and low to mid-range and higher (but not so high that dogs tend to notice.)

I'm a natural born storyteller able to provide you with a confident, consistent and professional voice that will match the tone of your corporate video you, as the producer, one less thing to worry about.

If you need help with voice casting for a narrative voice talent (male, female or international voices), my company, audio'connell Voice Over Talent, can help there too!

I'd appreciate it if you would contact me here or call 716-572-1800 or speak to one of my agents to help secure me as the narration talent for your industrial or instructional audio project including:

Medical Narration Technical Narration Real Estate Tour Narration
Sales and Marketing Video Narration Documentary Narration for TV or Film Trade Show Video Narration
Power Point
Presentation Narration
Training Video Narration 
(eLearning Narration)
Point-of-Sale Messaging (Kiosk Prompts)
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