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International Voice Talents

Casting Voice Talents from Many Nations for Your Production


international voice talent

Many producers for radio, television, internet and multimedia need to translate the voice-over recordings for their media projects from English to one or many languages. Sometimes they need a recorded voice translation from their native language into English.

audio'connell's international voice talents can help in both situations.

Whether for commercials, narrations, audiobooks, message on hold or many other applications, the professional male and female voice talents audio'connell Voice Over Talent has assembled can provide you with a great vocal performance.

If you require language translation services for scripts, we can help with that as well.

All voice production payments are made via Pay Pal require a 50% deposit upon selection of the voice talent.

Each voice talent is an independent contractor - fees are set and vary by the performer and project type.

For questions or inquiries, please email us or call in the United States 716-572-1800.

 Male and Female International Voice Talent Demos

 Arabic Voice-over Demos  

Arabic Male Voice Talent


> audio'connell arabic male ALAIN


Arabic Female Voice Talent


> audio'connell arabic female LUNA

 Danish Voice-over Demos


Danish Male Voice Talent


> audio'connell danish male KRISTIAN

 French Voice-Over Demos


French Male Voice Talent


> audio'connell french male CLAUDE

> audio'connell french male JEAN-MARC

> audio'connell french male JEAN-MICHEL


French Female Voice Talent

> audio'connell french female AUDREY

> audio'connell french female CLAIRE

> audio'connell french female LIZ

> audio'connell french female MARGARET

> audio'connell french female demo SILVIA

> audio'connell french female TANYA

French Canadian Voice-over Demos


French Canadian Female Voice Talent

> audio'connell french female LILI

> audio'connell french female LIZ

German Voice-over Demos


German Male Voice Talent

> audio'connell german male BERNARD

> audio'connell german male ROY

> audio'connell german male THOMAS


German Female Voice Talent

> audio'connell german female MARY

> audio'connell german female SILVIA

Hungarian Voice-over Demos


Hungarian Female Voice Talent

> audio'connell hungarian female AGHI

> audio'connell hungarian female MARGARET 

Italian Voice-Over Demos


Italian Male Voice Talent


> audio'connell italian male JANPA

Japanese Voice-Over Demos


Japanese Female Voice Talent


> audio'connell japanese female KEIKO

Portuguese Voice-over Demos


portuguese female voice talent


> audio'connell portuguese female MARIA


Romanian Voice-over Demos

Romanian Male Voice Talent


> audio'connell romanian male MIHAIL

Russian Voice-Over Demos

Russian Male Voice Talent

> audio'connell russian male PAVEL

Russian Female Voice Talent


> audio'connell russian female TANYA


Spanish Voice-over Demos


Spanish Male Voice Talent

> audio'connell spanish male demo ARMANDO

> audio'connell spanish male demo DAN

> audio'connell spanish (castilian) male demo JEAN MARC

> audio'connell spanish male demo JOE

spanish female voice talent

> audio'connell spanish female demo MELISSA



Turkish Voice-over Demos

Turkish Male Voice Talent


> audio'connell turkish male MEHMET

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