Female TV Promo Voice Talent

Casting the World's Best Female TV Promo Voice Over Talent*


It's a woman's world with more and more TV stations understanding that sometimes a female voice really draws television viewers to the screen and keeps them there.  Whether for station promos, news intros or community service announcements, audio'connell Voice Over Talent's female voice talents build a station brand and develop a relationship with broadcast and cable viewers.

With voice over styles that seamlessly blend and bond with any station positioning, the female television promo voices of audio'connell Voice Over Talent can help that branding message pop with your station graphics and on-air image. Retainer agreements and one-shot voice projects can be negotiated with our female talent to produce all elements for your new and improved station identification.

Contact us here or call +01 716 572 1800 to find out we can help improve your station's voice branding.

* Inclusion on this list is by invitation only. Unsolicited inquiries respectfully declined.

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