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audio'connell Voice Over Talent's female voice talents provide a wide variety of female voice over services for our global clients. You've heard our female voice talents on radio and TV commercials, corporate narrations and documentaries, e-learning courses, voice imaging for radio and TV stations, audio tours, voice mail, messages on hold, IVR, and in-store announcements around the world.

Our female voiceovers have worked on voice over projects for Disney, HGTV, CBS, CBC, BBC, Discovery Channel and more. These voices are located around the globe including the United States, Canada and England.

Our professional female voice artists can provide you with every voice style you could need. Need a comforting modern mother or a cool girlfriend voice? We've got 'em. How about a hard charging professional business woman or a sexy, woman of the world voice? We've got all those female voices and everything in between.

If you'd like to work with one of our great female voice talents, contact us here or call 716-572-1800 for more information.

When it comes to casting for the best female voice over talent, our nets are wonderfully full!

* Inclusion on this list is by invitation only. Unsolicited inquiries will be respectfully declined.

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