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Study with the "Voiceover Consigliere" and author of the Voiceover Entrance Exam

PETER K. O'CONNELL, a male voice-over talent with 35 years of professional voice acting experience (he just looks younger), explains what the VOICE OVER WORKSHOP offers voice talents (with a little help from his clients):

 "It's pretty simple really.

I started the Voice Over Workshop because after years of giving away my hard earned knowledge about everything voice over, I decided I should be getting PAID for it! I told you it was simple. :)

Ideas. Useful ideas...practical ideas you hadn't thought of, and ideas that will grow your business. THAT's what you get in a session with Peter. > Dave Courvoisier - Voice Actor

"I'm not a coach or a teacher per se. Those folks have plans and syllabuses and are more formally trained in instruction. Some even have paddles if you misbehave!"

You say you're not a coach but you're really good at coaching/teaching! > Maria Hanssel - Voice Talent

"My plan with each lesson is directed BY THE VOICE TALENT. You tell me what you want to cover, or learn or study in our two hour session and that's what we do. Our topics can include but are NOT limited to:

Script Interpretation Character voices  Studio performance
Breathing Commercial voice types Analyzing VO demos
Finding your "money" voice Narration voices types How to market yourself

I call myself the voice over consigliere (because it's more memorable than counselor) but that's really what I am...somebody who will consul you on how to help you achieve your voice over goals."

In this age of 'information overload', where tips and advice abound for voice actors, Peter has a unique ability to re-focus you on the essential elements that are at the core of success in this ever changing industry! > Wade Holloway - Voice Over Talent

"You have objectives you want to achieve within your Voice Over Workshop session and I'm going to help you get those objectives accomplished."

A couple of years ago I was preparing to finally leave my corporate job and work exclusively in voiceover. I knew that before I made that shift, I needed to get my ducks in a row so that the brisk business I was doing while I still had my corporate job would not only continue, but increase. I hired Peter O'Connell to help me think through strategies and plans. He helped me focus on the important stuff, and toss out the stuff that was just a distraction in both the way I organized and executed my business plans. I am very grateful for the help Peter provided me.> Bob Souer - Voice Talent

"I am good at what I do, I have an infectious (in a good way) passion for the voice over business and if you share that passion, I've no doubt our sessions will be informative and fun."

Finding someone with the knowledge and skills to re-direct your business is valuable enough in itself. Finding someone with those skills who also cares about you as a person is priceless. Thank you, Peter O'Connell. > Rowell Gorman - Voice Over Talent

"But make no mistake, I'm very serious about this industry and if we begin our first session and I don't feel you have what it takes to succeed in voiceover, I'll stop the session, I'll tell you why and you won't owe me a dime. Game over (at least for our workshop)."

I cannot stress enough what a great class this was and I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking to make a giant leap forward in their VO skills. I am looking forward to my next class be it In Studio, via Skype or Phone! > Dean Jones - Voice Over Talent 

"Yes, I am that direct (if you've read my free e-book, The Voiceover Entrance Exam you already know that). But you need that honesty before you invest over your head in a career that you might not be suited for. Also, it's a business filled with rejection; whether from me or a paying client, you need to be able to deal with it."

Peter O'Connell's voice over training has helped take my voice over performance and career to the next level and I've been doing radio and VO for many years prior to meeting Peter. He knows all aspects of the voice over business and has become a real mentor for my career. Listen to what the man says!> Terri Davis - Voice Over Talent  

"Look, I'm not the ultimate arbitrator of voice over talent but I am a pretty darn good judge of it. If I think I can help you, you'll have my full and undivided attention."

 I've had a session via Skype and he pretty much tailored it to my agenda. Next time we're discussing demos. Peter is easy to get along with and is very knowledgeable. > Roger Tremaine - Voice Over Talent 

"Want to know what I've learned? I'll teach you what I know and what you'll need to know to get voice jobs through our recorded phone sessions (each session is 2 hours), one on one. I don't do group sessions and I don't require a minimum amount of sessions, you can work with me as often as you'd like. And no, my hidden objective is NOT to get to produce your demo - I know about those kinds of companies and I don't agree with their approach (and I'm being as polite as I can be on that particular topic).

Contact me here to find out how my Voice Over Workshop can help your VO career or please call me at 716-572-1800. Thanks!"

BONUS: Here's a FREE link to Peter's Handy-Dandy Marketing Plan Template

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