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Female Commercial Voice Demos

Casting the World's Best Female Commercial Voice Over Talent*


While it's great to have a multi faceted male voice over artist to serve your needs for just about any voice "type" or "character", that same voice talent has never been able to sound very....um, female.

It was decided it was in our own best interest to avoid the drugs and surgery and go right to the source, thereby providing audio'connell Voice Over Talent clients with some of the world's best female voice over talents that we've ever had the privilege of working with. If you'd like to work with one of them too, contact us here or call us at 716-572-1800. 

When it comes to casting for the best female voice talent (or male voice talent or even international voice talent), our nets are wonderfully full!

* Inclusion on this list is by invitation only. Unsolicited inquiries respectfully declined.

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