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Peter K. O'Connell - Narrator for E-Learning Videos

Engage and motivate your elearning students with Peter's voice of friendly authority


E-Learning Explainer Narration

Maybe you’ve realized (as I have) - there has never been a time when e-learning, tutorial and instruction videos have been as widespread in the education of students and adult learners as those electronic media tools are right now.

In grammar schools, high schools and colleges – when it comes to distance-learning (a/k/a online learning or e-education) - employing video has become our new normal for teaching.

Business educators in charge of instruction, training and orientation regularly implement elearning - no matter the business type, size or marketplace. 

Critical to all this e-learning is the narrator. This voice actor is the educational story teller, the teacher and the guide.

The professional voiceover talent who conveys the lesson, the story and the wisdom must be true to the lesson's words but - most importantly - the voiceover talent must be engaging and motivating to the student.

That engagement and motivation is my focus with every e-learning script I voice and I’ll do the same as the voice talent for your instructional video.

I'd appreciate it if you would contact me here or call 716-572-1800 or speak to one of my agents to help secure me as the narration talent for your instructional media project.

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