What IS audio'connell anyway?

It's a fun place that's solely focused on voice-over production

audio’connell Voice-Over Talent  is the company upon which voice talent Peter K. O’Connell built his voice-over career. The company is a division of O'Connell Communications, LLC.

When he started in radio broadcasting in 1982, Peter didn’t realize there was such a thing as a 'voice-over career'.  Truth is, at that time (except for a select few people in Los Angeles and New York), there really wasn’t.  That was then and this is now.

With Peter (who put the "friendly" in "Your friendly, neighborhood voice-over talent") as the primary voice talent and producer of most of the work that comes out of audio’connell, his voice-over company today records commercials, narrations, political spots, message on-hold, documentaries, broadcast promos and radio imaging.  Peter even gets called on to do some LIVE announcing from time to time.

audio’connell Voice-Over Talent  even offers clients a selection of female voice-over talents and international voice talents too.  They are all really great voices which is why they were hand picked to be on the audio’connell roster.

For a small company originally headquartered in Buffalo, NY and now based in Raleigh, NC, audio’connell Voice-Over Talent has enjoyed the opportunity to work with local, regional, national and international
clients in almost every English speaking country in the world - and some non-English speaking countries as well.  Evidently, we must "sound" big.

We like what we do, we have fun doing it and we’d like to do it for and with you. 

Please contact Peter for a written project quote on your next voiceover production. Thanks!

 audio'connell Voice-Over Talent
 An American company proudly serving clients worldwide!


COMPANY:  audio'connell Voice-Over Talent

OWNER:  Peter K. O'Connell

WEBSITE:  http://audioconnell.com  

INDUSTRIES:  Advertising. Broadcasting, Marketing, Media & Voice-Over  

PARENT COMPANY:  O'Connell Communications, LLC

TYPE:  Privately Held


COMPANY SIZE: 1-5 Employees



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