• Deloitte's "Future of Productivity"
    - Narrated by Peter K. O'Connell

    A corporate overview presentation from Deloitte Canada on Canada's productivity gap.

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  • Kraft Dinner TV Spot
    - Character Voices by Peter K. O'Connell

    Peter voices "The Pony" and "The Jockey" for this national Canadian TV commercial.

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  • Zaycon Foods Chicken
    - Narrated by Peter K. O'Connell

    Everything you need to know Zaycon Foods Chicken

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  • Bacardi 'Beach'
    - Voice-Over by Peter K. O'Connell

    Looking to continue its sales growth across India Bacardi created a new advertising campaign.

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  • Catholic Catechism #3
    - Narrated by Peter K. O'Connell

    72-part DVD Series Explains Faith and Moral Doctrine of Catholicism.

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  • Darien Lake 2012 Commercial
    - Voice-Over by Peter K. O'Connell

    New York state's largest theme park, Darien Lake, promotes its 2012 Season Pass program.

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  • Improve Your Team From The Inside Out
    - Narrated by Peter K. O'Connell

    Corporate Team Building

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  • PBS Network TV Promo
    - Voice Over by Peter K. O'Connell

    Fizzy's Lunch Lab is a vibrant, fun and kid-friendly web-only series educating families about the importance of good nutrition, a balanced diet, and physical activity.

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  • Sunsetter Awnings National TV Commercial
    – Voiceover by Peter K. O’Connell

    Sunsetter is America's largest manufacturer of deck and patio awnings.

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Peter's Voice Demos

  • Peter K. O'Connell Commercial Voice-Over Demo - (download)
  • Peter K. O'Connell Narration Voice-Over Demo - (download)
  • Peter K. O'Connell Political Commercial Voice-Over Demo - (download)
  • Peter K. O'Connell Character Voice-Over Demo - (download)
  • Peter K. O'Connell Radio Imaging Voice-Over Demo - (download)
  • Peter K. O'Connell TV Station Imaging Voice-Over Demo - (download)

Peter K. O'Connell

Your friendly, neighborhood voice-over talent for commercials & narrations (@audioconnell)

Making your producing job easier and your brand sound great -- that's what I do for voice-over clients world-wide every day!

Hi, I'm Peter K. O'Connell and as a professional voice-over talent since 1982, that's how I've built my voice-over business. 

Look, when the time comes to pick a voice talent, you want and need:

1.    A consistently great voice (those are my client's words, not mine)

2.    An expert voice-over talent who listens and gives you to what YOU need, helping produce your audio effectively & efficiently

3.    A respected male voice talent who adds creativity and personality to your voice-over production (even on the serious stuff)

That's what I've always done for my local, regional and national voice-over clients and I'll do it for your audio production too.

Who have I done voice-over project for?

Here are some of my voice-over creditsan abbreviated list of some of the familiar and respected brands who have happily featured me as the voice-over talent for their audio branding and marketing.  I don't know if I am the busiest voice-over talent out there, but I'm fortunate to have regularly work with many noteworthy voice-over clients including Kraft Foods, PBS Television Network (Public Broadcasting Service), Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes, U.S. Army, Bacardi, Deloitte, Time Warner Cable, The Buffalo News, BlueCross Blue Shield, Darien Lake Theme Park, Cleveland Browns and Pathmark Supermarkets. 

What kinds of voice-over projects have I been the voice talent for?

Well, you may have heard my voice-over work on national television and radio commercials, broadcast network promos as well as on narrations for digital media, sales & marketing videos, explainer videos and e-learning too.  Even non-fiction audiobooks and message on-hold.  My YouTube page, featuring video examples of my national and international voice acting --- even some live announcing, has over 26,000 views so it's possible you may have seen & heard me there as well.

https://asoft10223.accrisoft.com/snap061/clientuploads/140201_audioconnell booth10.jpgI offer same day service, ipDTL (new internet technology allowing you to record me in your studio in real time with perfect audio quality, if you like) ISDN and Phone Patch.  I'm a non-union voice talent with my own professional voice-over studio offering impeccable audio quality for every client recording.

If you're an advertising agency, video production or multi-media studio, non-profit or small business that needs (or just wants) a friendly and versatile voice-over talent, please call me.  

Call 716-572-1800 (I answer my own phone) or you can email me (yes, I answer the emails too) for a fast quote on your voice-over project (in writing if you like).

If you need female voice talents or foreign voice talents, my company can help you with that too.

For all voice-over projects, payment is via PayPal: 50% upfront with the balance due immediately at the time of delivery.

I hope we get to work together on your next voice-over production.

Thanks very much for thinking of me!


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Voice Over Workshop

PETER K. O'CONNELL explains what the Voice Over Workshop offers voice talents (with a little help from his clients):
"It's pretty simple really. I started the Voice Over Workshop because after years of giving away my hard earned knowledge about everything voice over, I decided I should be getting PAID for it! I told you it was simple. :)

Learn More

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Saturday, April 5, 2014
O’Connell Delivers the Punch Line for Canada’s Kraft Dinner

TORONTO, ON, April 7, 2014 - - It was probably only a matter of time before Kraft Foods Group, Inc., whose founder James Lewis Kraft started his More>>
Thursday, December 26, 2013
O’Connell’s Narration Takes Esker’s Cloud Solutions to the World

MADISON, WI, December 26, 2013 - - With their world headquarters in Lyon, France and subsidiaries in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Belgium, More>>
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"Peter, I can always count on your vocal versatility and broadcast-quality audio production!"

Susan Almon-Pesch, CME - Market 4 Profit

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